A Legacy of Joy and Hope After Loss Part 2 with Ann Curry and Leigh Owens

This week we’re welcoming back Ann Curry and Leigh Owens to continue the story of Leigh losing her mom and youngest sister at ten years old in a car accident and Ann losing her first husband when she was in her mid-twenties and how they became a family when Jimmy, Leigh’s dad, married Ann and brought her into the Curry clan. I hope you’ll go back and listen to last week’s episode if you haven’t already. We’re backing up a couple of minutes into last week’s episode so you can hear again how the kids felt about welcoming a baby brother into their family and the powerful revelation he shared with them later in life.

They also talk about losing Jimmy to Alzheimer’s and how they dealt with grief in that season and how the lessons Jimmy taught them in earlier years brought them full circle. This family lives big and loves well. Here’s the rest of our conversation.


“Three people had to give up their lives in order to give me life.” – Leigh sharing her brother Luke’s words in reference to how he came to be due to Ann losing her husband and Jimmy losing his wife and daughter.

“It breaks my heart that the family unit is crumbling.” – Ann talking about the state of the family in our country today

“God not only loves me, but He came after me.” – Leigh

“No marriage is perfect. You must make a decision to forgive.” – Ann

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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28 Leigh says we have to remember and know that everything that comes our way is filtered through the hand of God.

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Listen to A Legacy of Joy and Hope After Loss Part 2 with Ann Curry and Leigh Owens