A Widow’s Journey Part 2 with Melanie Forbes Cook

Melanie Forbes Cook

Welcome back to part 2 of Melanie Forbes Cook’s interview. Last week Melanie shared about losing her husband to a heart attack 14 months ago after almost 25 years of marriage and ministry and the painful events that led up to his death and how she handled it. If you missed it, I hope you’ll … Read more

A Legacy of Joy and Hope After Loss Part 2 with Ann Curry and Leigh Owens

Ann Curry and Leigh Owens

This week we’re welcoming back Ann Curry and Leigh Owens to continue the story of Leigh losing her mom and youngest sister at ten years old in a car accident and Ann losing her first husband when she was in her mid-twenties and how they became a family when Jimmy, Leigh’s dad, married Ann and … Read more